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Professonal Liability Insurance for  Medi Spas, Anti-Aging - traditional medi spa procedures like: BHRT, hcg medical weight loss, botox, aesthetic skin, etc. No general medicine procedures. Ideal for physicians or healthcare practitioners who may have full time coverage elsewhere and is just seeking to be covered for elective, anti-aging, aesthetic and med spa procedures. 

Pricing & Rates - annual premiums based on current market prices for a $1,000,000 limit of liability: Includes full retroactive coverage!!

  • Class 1: Physician Medical Director with no direct patient care: Cosmetology/massage/injectables/lasers: $3,500 (plus taxes & fees)
  • All of the above, physician medical director with direct patient care for anti-aging hormone therapy (HCG or BHRT): $5,000  (plus taxes & fees) 
  • We use our proprietary "short form" application for quick annual premium, subject to complete underwriting.
Click here to download the short form application.


Fax to 313 270 9078, or email your inquiry or completed, signed and dated application to: ed.kuhn@wmpginsurance.com

Integrative and General Medicine: The nature of integrative medicine is a blend of typically "traditional" medical treatments with new procedures. We want to be able to cover physicians for any practice profile, and thus, we take a customized approach to underwriting, which involves a bit more detail in the application process. We then take the submitted material including the application to a broker, who sends it to all the interested insurance markets for terms. That way, we make sure you get the best value mix of coverage and price. 

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Recently written cases:

  • 2 physician anti-aging practice in FL: $10,000
  • Integrative Medicine Physician in IL: $6,283
  • Addiction Medicine Clinic in GA: $3,500
  • Low volume Prolotherapy practice in CA: $3,500
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