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Comprehensive Liability Insurance for Physicians, Clinics, Staffing Companies, Allied Healthcare and Compound Pharmacies.....and MORE!!!!

Protect your practice from top to bottom with just one stop! Wellness Medical Protection Group provides complete liability products and support services for your med spa.

Insurance Products

Medical Professional Liability Insurance
Cover your clinic and all your treatments and procedures with our claims-made liability policies. Our A-rated insurance companies cover physicians for direct patient care and as medical director, along with supervised healthcare personnel. Annual premiums start as low as $2,500 for a $1,000,000 per claim limit of liability. We cover ALL your procedures.

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Cyber Liability/HIPAA Privacy/ Data Breach Insurance -

Medical practices are increasingly vulnerable to data breach and cyber liability from a variety of perils like hackers,  cyber extortion from rogue employees and patients, lost or stolen hard or flash drives, etc. State now have strict notification laws in the event your data is breached, and the medical industry is in the top 3 for being vulnerable, along with financial services and retail. When a breach occurs, there are forensic applications, notification costs, credit monitoring costs and legal defense, costing thousands. The average cost per patient record is $214. When a data breach occurs, you have to act quickly. Where do you turn? Increased regulations like HIPAA and HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) are increasing the next wave of third-party liability lawsuits. Much of the costs are due to the legal damages awarded. 

There are new Data Breach/Cyber Liability policies available from "A" rated insurance carriers that not only pay on your behalf for notification costs and legal damages, but also a team of legal and forensic experts that will respond immediately in the event of a crisis. Without this coverage, all notification and legal expenses are out of pocket for you. Cost of theft, business interruption, notification, forensics, legal etc..

General Liability, Property and Workers Compensation Insurance

Cover your office's risk with these special policies, which are bundled together for one all-inclusive, cost-effective package. Annual premiums start at $300 and include auto, business interruption, business personal property, EDP and many others depending on your practice-related liability needs. Workers' Comp is available as well.


Compound Pharmacies - this is a new program we developed in response to increasing liability associated with compounding, supplements, nutracueticals and vitamins. Liability insurance in this industry has been dominated by a mutual insurance company. Now we have alternatives from "A" rated, financially strong companies that will not only compete on price, but offer enhanced coverage, like liability insurance relative to HIPAA Privacy Allegations. Call our dedicated agent today at 773 293 6185

 A4M Medical Defense of License Insurance "MLDP — Medical Liability Defense Program
Our new liability defense program is exclusive to members of the America Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. 


Other Products and Services:

Worldwide Medical Services/PhysicianCrossroads
Streamline your practice and increase productivity with help from a veteran-owned small business specializing in medical staffing and medical services.

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MDWare/SpaWare™ Med Spa Practice Software

At MD-Ware, we put a high emphasis on both quality and trust. Without either of these characteristics, no business or corporation would be able to successfully operate. We only have one product-our software, which includes the medical and salon modules-but we believe this serves as a testament to the sublime quality of it. We picked one thing to be truly successful at, and it's our MD-Ware, which includes our medical and salon scheduling system. We've picked it because we know that good quality product is a must for proper appointment scheduling and practice management in any professional's office, medi-spa, or practice.

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