WMPG JOINS FORCES WITH EMPIRE MEDICAL TRAINING: July 2019.....WMPG partners with national med spa procedure giant Empire Medical Training to help their members "Protect Their Freedom to Practice" 


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WMPG partners with the American Med Spa Association - AmSpa: May 2019......

AmSpa has just released their new "Med Spa Industry Report" for 2019. Its the industry's most comprehensive report and includes valuable data and insight on such topics like:

  • Patient Demographics 
  • Medical Spa Ownership Structure
  • Business Statistics and Benchmarks
  • Most Profitable Procedures
  • Patient Spending Habits & more....

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 WMPG Partners with FortisPay Merchant Card Payment Systems!!!!   April 2019....



Most medical practices don't carry Workers Compensation insurance unless mandated by the state, like California. After paying for malpractice, office liability and property insurance, Workers Comp is the final piece needed. 

WMPG partners with the Hartford Insurance Company for the best Workers Comp product for med spas. They have WC coverage specifically designed for med spas, featuring "Needlestick" coverage for injectors.

More on "Needlestick" ...see video on this page, below left......

Hartford's WC product also features automatic payroll deduction feature to make it easy from an administration standpoint.  






As the industry leader in medical spa liability coverage for over 17 years, Wellness Medical Protection Group™ has developed exclusive liability insurance and risk management programs no other agent can equal.  Med spa products and services are constantly evolving and ever growing. In fact, med spas, alternative medicine practices and anti-aging clinics are the fastest growing areas of modern medicine — yet standard medical malpractice and state physicians mutual insurance companies will not cover many of these cutting edge procedures performed today. 

 We specialize in med spa and anti-aging practice starts-ups and provide policies on all the latest alternative treatments, including:


  • Anti-Aging Products & Services - BHRT (including pellets), HCG Medical Weight Loss, PRP, stem cells and more.....
  • Aesthetic Procedures - including injectables, lasers, peels and more....
  • Integrative Medicine - blend of traditional medicine and new alternative treatments
  • Complementary & Alternative Medicine like prolotherapy, PRP, chelation, chiropractic, IV Therapy, Vaginal Rejuvenation..... 

 Why WMPG? 

  • Expertise: We have over 18 years of industry knowledge and experience.

Download and hear from WMPG Agent Ed Kuhn as featured on the InSPARation Management's "CoachMe" Expert Webcast Series: "How to Protect Yourself and Your Med Spa"



  • Exclusive Programs: we have and maintain exclusive liability and property programs which mean the absolute best blend of price and coverage. We are independent agents who only work for you. 
  • We are an affiliated partner of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), preferred insurance vendor for the American Med Spa Association, the Medical Wellness Association and Empire Medical Training.                                                                       
  • We currently cover hundreds of leading practitioners nationwide performing such cutting edge procedures like prolotherapy, chelation therapy, PRP, stem cells, medical weight loss, hormone therapy....and more! 
  • Resources: Wellness Medical Protection Group is a subsidiary of the RXNB Companies. We have a consortium of firms in a business to business platform of related industries like the manufacture of dietary supplements, marketing, practice software, legal and risk management.  click here to download the RXNB companies marketing portfolio


 Forming a new med spa elective healthcare business and need help getting started? Contact our Industry Expert!!

Dori Soukop and her team at InSPARation Management 

 They help entrepreneurs who own Medi Spas and Day Spas be more successful! Whether you are opening a new Spa or Medi Spa or already have one, they provide you with effective business models, innovative marketing strategies, team training, executive coaching, consulting and much more.

Explore InSPArationManagement.com to learn more about the great business tools we offer. Provide proven effective systems, structure, strategies and solutions to implement in your Spa or Medi Spa Business.

You receive a blueprint to follow, so you can avoid reinventing the wheel. As a result, you will achieve your goals faster, so you can have more freedom, less stress, generate millions and be able to live the life you were meant to live! We offer many tools and recommend completing the Strategic Planning Form to determine your needs and action plan. A team member will reach out to you, analyze your needs and make the best recommendations for you!



  Wellness Medical Protection Group.."Protect Your Privilege to Practice"

Need Coverage Fast? Get it Here Now....

Complete Med Spa Liability Package: Start with a comprehensive Medical Professional Liability Insurance policy that covers your entity, Medical Director and all your healthcare professionals for negligence suits, state medical board allegations, sexual abuse and HIPAA privacy breach allegations. Then add the office general liability and property policy to complete the coverage. You're finished...!

Click here to download complete "Med Spa Start Up Liability and Property Insurance Package"

I. Professional Liability Insurance: Medi-Spa, Anti-Aging, Aesthetics - all procedures covered, "A" rated markets, quick "4-page short-form" application to qualify

  • Featured Program: Complete professional liability coverage with a $1,000,000 limit of liability from "A" rated quality insurance carriers for as low as $3,500 annual premium for physician-based practices. Coverage for one physician performing hcg, aesthetics, BHRT (including pellet insertion), PRP. includes full retroactive coverage to make it easy to switch..no tail coverage from your previous insurance company needed! 
  • PLUS: HIPPA & Disciplinary Proceedings, Sexual Abuse Allegations coverage.
  • This product is ideal for physicians who want to practice anti-aging exclusively, but do not need coverage for primary care, surgery, internal, or general medicine.  


II. General Liability, Property & Office Workers Compensation:

In addition to a professional liability to protect your healthcare professionals from suits, there are also business risks like patient slip and fall, property theft, fire, or damage, data breach, business interruption, and more....we offer the Spectrum Small Business Policy from the Hartford that is designed for medical clinics. Workers Compensation is optional and available through the same program.

The combination of the two policies then afford you complete practice coverage!!


Questions???? Call 773 293 6185 to speak to a live, licensed agent  

Special program for Integrative Medicine - Defined as a blend between primary care and alternative or anti-aging medicine  Average annual premium starts at $3,500 on up depending on size and scope. 

                                           Full Line of Insurance Products for Small Businesses 

Physicians & Medical Clinics - All specialties, previous claims, licensing issues, retroactive coverage available. Wellness Medical Protection Group™ will market your coverage to several "A" rated insurance companies to effectively shop your coverage, creating a competitive environment between the companies and thereby reducing your costs.   

Liability Insurance Package for Nutraceuticals & Compound Pharmacies!!! - As a result of the ever increasing scrutiny and growth in the compound pharmacy industry, we have developed a customized insurance program to compete with your current insurance liability coverage - and as your premiums "adjust" to the increase in liability.

Minimum annual premiums start at $2,500 and include: pharmacists professional liability, general liability including products, and PRODUCTS RECALL COVERAGE

Call licensed agent Ed Kuhn of Wellness Medical Protection Group direct at 773 293 6185 

Click here for more info on Compound Pharmacies Liability.....

Small Business Cyber and Data Breach Response and Liability - all businesses need to be protected these days from data breach and cyber crime. Our products provide insurance and expenses up to $1,000,000 (higher limits available) for:

  • Data Privacy & Network Security Liability 
  • Digital Media Liability
  • Incident Response $$$

Click here to download Cyber and Data Breach Application

Click here for Samples of Recent Cyber Claims

Small Business Retirement Planning - Business Owners Retirement Plans with a powerful tax strategy. WMPG can now assist you as a small business owner with the best tax deferred plans. ERISA laws means your retirement funds are safe from malpractice suits.

Click here to download Power Point Presentation

Liability Insurance for Telemedicine - Healthcare practitioners practicing "e-health" have risks combining healthcare delivery, technology, HIPAA and Cyber. WMPG has the most up to date specialty policies available.

Click here to download "e-health" application

FortisPay - Custom Payment Solutions - WMPG has partnered with the leading merchant account - credit card payment system.  Payment of procedures is an integral part of serving more patients and increasing your practice revenue.





Call 773 293 6185 today about  our unique liability insurance and small business retirement programs....

For a full list of med spa and small business liability, property and retirement planning services, visit our Products & Services pages.

Healthcare practitioners who are seeking to fill or need to fill positions in the anti-aging, alternative & complementary and aesthetic medicine can explore the new jobs and manpower resource site:  Anti-AgingJobs.com. Physicians, Naturopathic Physicians, Physicians Assistants, Advanced Healthcare professionals, Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors, RN's and other support.

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